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We are CREATORS of solutions. ART2BIT is a creativity-based project centered around micro:bit, designed to make learning technology, electronics, and STEAM subjects easy and enjoyable. It's a comprehensive project with a ready-to-use platform for classroom implementation, where activities are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030).


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Digital skills go beyond knowing how to navigate the internet, and programming is not just entering a code with certain specifications and waiting for it to perform the required actions.

The current context is being determined by increasing globalization, digitization and universal access to information. In this sense, digital knowledge and skills are key competencies that students must acquire in order to make appropriate and responsible use of new technologies, and a critical interpretation of the information that surrounds them.

It is one of the key competencies for the personal development of 21st century students and is already part of the new educational curriculum (*).

Knowing what use we can give to technology in the classroom is not an easy task. Training your students to know where, how and when to use this technology and give it an educational and creative utility is part of the purpose of ART2BIT.

* The activities that we propose have been developed in line with global objectives to make it as easy as possible for your students to acquire new educational skills, placing special attention on basic skills in science and technology and digital citizenship.

No prior knowledge in robotics or programming is necessary to begin with ART2BIT in the classroom. The activity plan provides the training that teachers need as they progress through the project.

Our technological kits, Internet connection, a device (an interactive whiteboard, desktop computer, laptop or Android or iOS tablet) and the necessary artistic material for each project.

We have a personalized attention service active from Monday to Friday during the school day via telephone and email. Specialized professionals will accompany the school and the teachers at all times.

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