Creative solutions through art and technology

ART2BIT teaches students to find creative solutions to global problems in a context of cooperation and problem solving with a focus on STEAM.

We know that curricular contents are learned better when there is motivation and they are constructed experimentally. The arts play a fundamental role in our activities, awakening curiosity and creativity, while the use of technology becomes essential learning for students of the 21st century.

ART2BIT is based on artistic experimentation as a means to bring digital skills and computational thinking closer to students, becoming areas of knowledge that are easy to understand and lead for teaching staff.

Frequent questions

The SDG projects and activities are designed to be carried out in groups of 3 to 4 participants, although it is possible to vary the number of participants or even carry out an activity individually. You will be able to create groups manually, automatically and even recover previous activity groups with a single click.

From ART2BIT we pre-adapt your itinerary to the needs of your school center. With the assigned itinerary, the operation is simple: your students will complete a sequence of activities that will unlock new ones, adapted to their level of learning. It is not necessary to complete all the activities to move on to the next phase of the itinerary, but if you do, your students will have a greater number of experiences and resources to use in their future challenges.

No training in robotics or programming is necessary to apply ART2BIT in the classroom. The activity plan provides the training that teachers need as they progress through the project. We only recommend that before starting the project watching the preparation video for using the platform in your classroom.

Within each of the activities of the teaching environment you will find everything you need to prepare each session in a simple and clear way: step-by-step instructions for the activity, the experimentation phase and its evaluation, together with the necessary physical material (artistic, recycling, etc) and explanatory videos. You will also be able to preview the step by step of the student activity (CREATE), a useful support to prepare direct action in the classroom. To learn more about this, see the Platform section.

The ART2BIT platform is dynamic and active, it will continue expanding to offer new learning opportunities, adapting to current educational contexts and always aligned with the current educational curriculum.

In case of pedagogical doubts or help, we have a personalized attention service active from Monday to Friday during the school day, via form, telephone and email. Specialized professionals will accompany you at all times. In addition, you will have unlimited access to webinars, FAQ videos and complementary training materials.

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"Es un proyecto abierto, que invita a manipular, a tocar, al descubrimiento y a ser creativos"

Ferran Viñas Maestro de Primária especialista en TIC
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